Slave Hazel Black Sack Sleeping Bag

Slave Hazel Black Sack Sleeping Bag

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Training of H Part 4

Slave Hazel Black Sack Sleeping Bag! Hazel Hypnotic told us she was tired right around the 6 hour mark of our live feed. She has 18 more hours to suffer through but we figure she should be allowed to get in a quick nap before the torment continues. We are just merciful like that. Or we saw a completely new way to get inside of her head. Her sleeping bag is as tight as they get, a sack, really, with several straps to keep her from moving about. A hood blacks out the room for her. She would be able to sleep quite peacefully if we were willing to let her. There are little ports that we can use to access her tits, perfect for attaching electrodes, in fact. The stimulus makes her cry out quite a few times. We don’t even have to sit there and monitor her. PD just hooks it to an automatic timer and her persistent exclamations let us know that it is still working.

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