Slave Elise Graves Chinese Water Torture

Slave Elise Graves Chinese Water Torture

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Chinese Water Torture

Slave Elise Graves Chinese Water Torture! Elise loved her torments so much that she was literally begging to be a part of a live feed. PD and the RTB crew were happy to have her. Before the real torture even starts they have her bolted to the floor. PD sets up a steady drip of water over her forehead. When it starts she is relaxed and calm but after a few hours of water torture she’s crying and the games haven’t even really begun. PD has an excellent collection of toys that he so rarely gets to use, but since Elise described herself as down for anything he can really get some good use out of them. Things like the Tens unit he sticks in her ass or the chastity belt he uses to keep it firmly in place just never get enough action, so Elise is happy to give them a use. They’re bad enough on their own but once PD puts suction tubes on her tits Elise’s eyes well up with tears. The torture is rarely fast or easy. Elise spends a long time in bondage. She takes her food and water as a slave to the whims of the RTB viewers. Her pain and her orgasms, every element of her torture springs forth from the minds of the perverts behind the keyboards.

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