Romanian Gymnast Sex Slave Lea Lexis

Romanian Gymnast Sex Slave Lea Lexis

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Former Romanian National Gymnast Champion

Romanian Gymnast Sex Slave Lea Lexis! Welcome 5 time Romanian National Gymnast Champion to Sexually Broken! Lea Lexis is beautiful, strong and as sexy as they come. Bound to an H frame, we take advantage of Lea’s strength and flexibility. She is in the perfect postion to skull fuck and with a slight adjustment we can also fuck that tight, hot pussy of hers. We warm her up with a bit of heavy flogging, then bend her back over the beam and face fuck the back of her throat. Suction cups make her huge nipple bigger. We add string to her puffed up nipple and pull them out the the frame. We then attack our sexy gymnast with fingers, vibrators and cock. She suffers orgasm after orgasm. It is a battle royal from face fucking to cumming to fucking to face fucking, it’s a sexual over load. After we wear out a 5 time nation champion gymnast and porn star with orgasms and throat fucking we leave her to suffer in the bondage. A crotch rope is tied back to a neck rope and Lea is severely bent and stuck over the beam, she is brought to her very tippy toes to languish.

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