Chained Spiked Slave Elise Live

Chained Spiked Slave Elise Live

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Whiny Bitch

Chained Spiked Slave Elise Live! She enjoys the hard bondage. Whether it’s rope, metal or the straight jacket, the feeling of being restricted excites her. It is especially potent when her airways feel the tension as much as her limbs. Put a hood over her head or a constricting collar around her neck and watch her pussy get wet in a matter of minutes. The reason we keep bringing her back though, is her dedication. So many of our lovely ladies balk at the first feeling of a spiked board underneath them. We hang Elise over it for a few minutes and then lower her onto the mark. We get to watch her reaction as the pressure of the sharp spines jabs into her soles. It is not a subdued one. Elise has always been a crier, and even though we cannot see her tears through the hood she is wearing the screams and sobs let us know they are there.

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