Slave Siouxsie Q Outdoor Crucifixion

Slave Siouxsie Q Outdoor Crucifixion

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Smut Writer Part Two

Slave Siouxsie Q Outdoor Crucifixion! This is part two of our Intersec Interactive Feature Presentation: Smut Writer. Our average update explores our fantasies in bondage, discipline and sadism using the girls as our playthings. In a feature they get to describe their own fantasies and act them out. You would think that it would tone down the action a bit, but instead it turns it up to a whole new level. Smut writer Siouxsie Q has a fixation with being someone’s captive toy. She dreams of metal bondage, of spreader bars, chastity devices, and cold iron gripping her body. She’s typing the story out on the computer screen but in her own head she is living it and loving it. It’s a simple story. Our damsel in distress is captured by OT. She doesn’t know if he will ever let her go. He keeps her in cages and boxes, only taking her out when he wants to use her for some deviant sexual purpose. She has no hope of escaping so she just suffers for him and hopes that if she does what he says and pleases him enough he may let her go eventually. That isn’t going to happen, though. That’s not the way this works. OT doesn’t even give her any orders. He just wants to hear her scream and use her body. If the metal gag in her mouth would let her she might ask him what she could do to earn her freedom. But then again, she might be too afraid of his answer.

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