Sex Slave Chastity Lynn

Sex Slave Chastity Lynn

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JLittle Chastity Lynn is suspended, fucked to orgasm, skull fucked to subspace and orgasmed to hell

Sex Slave Chastity Lynn! This tiny, little ball of sexy – Chastity Lynn, has the cutest smile and most amazing ass. It’s always the innocent ones that you need to watch out for. Bound in a Category 2 tie (very comfortable and common) Chastity is no less helpless just because the bondage is not painful. Her perfect little ass is displayed nicely. Her sexy legs are bound together and pulled up, her arms expertly bound behind her in a traditional Japanese tie position. All this makes Chastity one helpless nubile unit. On the floor, on her back, we poke and humiliate Chastity by fucking her mouth and pussy with dildo on sticks. She can’t understand why there is no real cock. She knows she is hot, she is used to everyone giving her real cock, but we aren’t everyone and she needs to earn her cock today. One of the dildos has a vibrator attached and this is driving Chastity mad as we tease her expertly. The real cock comes out and pushes it’s way complety down Chastity’s throat, while at the same time we bear down with the vibrator. Chastity has her first orgasms as her body convulses for air. Now on the edge of subspace we pull Chastity up to a tiny stool. Her head is bent back and over the edge, her pretty sexy mouth at cock height. The dildo and vibrator continue to work their magic and Chastity’s throat gets a deep fucking. We brutally fuck the back of her throat, the combination of cock and vibrator are too much and Chastity cannot stop cumming over and over. We pull out the stool and now Chastity is suspended, floating at cock level. The hard cock easily penetrates Chastity’s wet pussy, and an intense, rough fucking ensues. We fuck Chastity to her strongest orgasm of the day then spin her around and fuck her pretty mouth. Back and forth, we overload this little slut with cock. In the end we leave Chastity floating in deep subspace, with some form of liquid dripping out of every hole, wondering how she will be used next?

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