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Slave Chastity Chained Blindfolded

Fucked Slave Chastity Chained Blindfolded

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3 on 1 takedown as a straightjacketed London River is fucked without mercy

Fucked Slave Chastity Chained Blindfolded! She looks so cute in pink. The only thing that would make her look cuter is her own drool and spit running down her sexy helpless body.

Hard cock enters middle stage: She hears the footsteps, but can’t see. She feels the head of the cock push on her lips, a feeling she is well accustomed to. The cock slides into her mouth and pushes to the very back of her throat. It starts slowly, then builds to a heroic throat fucking. Chastity can’t move, her mouth is being fucked like a pussy. All the way out, all the way in, deep down her little throat. We hold it there. Hold it for long spells at a time. In the end Chastity is a drooling mess, dazed and dizzy. We have skull fucked her into subspace.

We pull her up and lock her ankles into wooden stocks, keeping her sexy legs well spread. She is perfectly stuck in a bent over “fuck me” position with no hope for escape. Chastity’s perfect ass is just begging for attention, sticking out like that. We pull aside her cute little panties and slide the hard cock balls deep with the first thrust, she is that wet. Within seconds of a hard deep fucking Chastity is cumming all over that hard cock. She can’t help it, none of them can after the foreplay that led up to this.

We pull Chastity’s panties down to her knees, she looks so cute, all helpless and wanting cock. We continue the rough pounding, the cock fucking our girl in pink to several loud orgasms. We want to really wreck this girl so we bring out the vibrator and make her cum over and over. She begs for us to stop making her cum, her body is not hers to control anymore, it is ours and we love making girls cum until they can’t remember their own name…

Slave Nora Riley Live BDSM Threesome

Slave Nora Riley Live BDSM Threesome

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Nora Riley Live show Part 2: Our sexy Coed is getting dicked down like never before

Slave Nora Riley Live BDSM Threesome! We bend our sexy coed over and bind her in a sexy doggy style position, her beautiful ass is lifted up, and her throat is ready for a brutal fucking. The Boys bring the award winning dick, and Nora can only scream, cum and drool. She can do nothing but take the cock attack. We fuck her shaved pussy to several brutal orgasms, and fuck her pretty mouth until her eyes are crossed and she doesn’t know her name. This is a complete and utter dickdown, when we add the belt to her neck, she can only whimper. In the end Nora is completely used, the light are on, but she is not home. Still one more scene to survive.

Bondage Slaves Outdoor BDSM

Bondage Slaves Darling & London Outdoor

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The Unit: S-15 A full Feature BaRS Presentation! Outdoor Bondage, Rough Sex!

Bondage Slaves Darling & London Outdoor! In second part of bondage slaves outdoor BDSM training military masters unit catch and enslave another victim – the sub London River. She is trying to escape from them, but as Darling she fails. They both are tormented, fucked in bondage, Darling is caged, forced to squirt and anal impaled on dildo on a stick, London is chained.